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About Us

The American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine (AACM) is an important forum for the exchange of clinical information and ideas about cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system. Our mission is to foster high standards in the practice of cannabinoid medicine. The AACM sets the gold standard for the practice of cannabinoid medicine, sponsors and co-sponsors conferences and meetings relevant to cannabinoid medicine, and provides board certification for qualified practitioners.

Cannabis is Medicine

The AACM recognizes that the active ingredients of the cannabis plant are useful in treating a variety of illnesses. The AACM bases our assessment on the thousands of scientific studies which have clearly demonstrated the medical utility of cannabis and cannabinoids. These scientific studies have been done both here and abroad, and they affirm the medical benefits of cannabis. This is why cannabis has been included in all great historical materia medica, from the Pao Ting – said to have been written in 2637 B.C. –  to the United States Pharmacopoeia (1854-1941).

Research Base

Modern research augments anecdotal knowledge gained from thousands of years of therapeutic use of cannabis preparations. The AACM is dedicated to applying and promoting the understanding of credible review reports, such as the 1999 Institute of Medicine Report  – commissioned and funded by the U.S. government – and the 1997 House of Lords Science and Technology Committee report on Medicinal Cannabis. While these reports provide a systematic assessment, they came out approximately a decade ago. Since then, additional research has expanded our knowledge of the therapeutic value of cannabis and cannabinoids and the mechanism of action of these therapeutic agents. The AACM is a resource for a better understanding of the clinical implications of this modern research.


Clinical Expertise

Much has been written and said about medicinal cannabis, but very little effort has been made to utilize the expertise of clinicians and researchers in the field. The AACM is an organization designed to fill that need. Our membership has experience treating thousands of patients with both natural and synthetic cannabinoids. We have both a clinical and research knowledge base.

Medical Information Resource

The AACM serves as an authoritative information source for doctors, state medical boards and the media on the medical application and research related to the clinical use of cannabis and cannabinoids. We are dedicated to educating physicians about the clinical therapeutic usefulness of cannabis to relieve symptoms of the myriad of diseases that respond to this class of medications.



The physicians in governance positions for AACM represent a diversity of experience in clinical practice, clinical research, and policy-making positions across a broad range of settings. Specialties represented include Rehabilitative Medicine, Neurology, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Public Health, and Family Practice, plus expertise in addiction treatment and medical geography.

The members of the AACM have the medical training, clinical experience and familiarity with the scientific literature to speak knowledgeably about the current medical utility and future therapeutic potential for cannabis and cannabinoids. We are excited about the prospects of gaining a deeper understanding of the endocannabinoid system and what that will mean for better understanding of brain functioning and disease treatment.



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