You could be the next Certified Cannabinoid Specialist

Passing the Certification Test in one of the criteria to become a Certified Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist.


Here is the list of criteria:

  • Two years’ experience practicing Cannabinoid Medicine

  • 20 category I CME on Cannabis, Cannabinoid or the Endocannabinoid System

  • Passing the AACM Certification Test

  • Being an member the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine

  • Agreeing to abide by our Standards and Ethics

Preparation-There are many sources that will help prepare you for the AACM certification test.  They include:

  • Power Point

    • Cannabis Institute of Medicine Presentation (12 topics)

    • Green Flower Media Health Summit

  • Other Literature

    • Herbalgram Number 97/February-April 2013

    • American Herbal Phamacopeia-Cannabis Influence-2014

    • A Primer for Potential Cannabinoid Medicine Specials-expected release February 2018