Complete Your Cannabis Library with these AACM approved Books


Drugs are NOT the Devil’s Tools is a fascinating, thoughtful, wonderfully illustrated and well-researched examination into the history of drugs, the origin of United States drug laws and the importance of the medicinal properties of marijuana. Dr. David Bearman shows how, through intertwining motives of discrimination and greed, often under the guise of morality, they have created a drug policy that is completely dysfunctional. As he points out, our drug laws have been very effective in further marginalizing discriminated-against groups and a total failure in every other respect. 

Cannabis Medicine:A Guide to the Practice of Cannabinoid Medicine is a quick introduction and overview of cannabis, cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system (ECS) for both health care professional and discerning patients.Dr. David Bearman has been practicing cannabinoid medicine for over ten years and been an expert witness on cannabis even longer. In clear, concise prose he explains how cannabis works in humans, why it works, dosing, routes of administration, medicinal uses of cannabis, and much more.Not only does he cover all the basics of cannabis and how it works, he also gives readers a step-by-step outline of how he runs his practice. This is extraordinarily valuable tool for anyone interested in cannabis medicine.